About MKK マイノリティー交流協会について


Everyone is a minority in some way. Whether it be special needs, cultural background, sexual orientation, age, height, weight, anything and everything can make someone a minority. Being the minority can feel like you are all alone, or at least outnumbered, in this big world. However, when you combine forces with someone and become a team, your minority becomes a minoriteam and you can accomplish more together.


Business Activities 会社活動案内

1. Miss Special Beauty (beauty pageant for special needs) 障害者向けのビューティーコンテスト
2. International Relations Activities (speeches, events, etc,) 国際交流活動
3. Language lessons (英和ー和英語学勉強)
4. International/Minority themed/cast stage shows 国際テーマのある舞台
5. International Cooking Classes 国際料理教室
6. LGBTQ support LGBTQ応援イベント
7. Multi-Lingual Educational Materials 語学教材
8. Charity Fund Raising for minority groups 寄付活動
9. Tokyo Sight-Seeing tours for minority groups 東京観光
10. International/Minority Themed displays, film showings 国際映画展覧会