Who 参加者



●Little Princess (5歳以上12歳未満の部)
●Princess (12歳以上20歳未満の部)
●Miss (20歳以上の部)
●Little Mister (5歳以上14歳未満の部)
●Mister (15歳以上の部門)

The pageant is open to handicapped individuals from ages 5 to 25, but we won’t turn someone away who feels like they are 25 (even if they are older than…). While the range of handicap is so wide, for the first pageant we will be working with those who are mentally handicapped and developmentally handicapped. There will be three categories of participants.

Little Princess (ages 5-11)
Princess (ages 12- 19)
Miss (ages 20- )
Little Mister (ages 5-14)
Mister (ages 15- )